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First critical building release for Hinkley Point C

Aug 16, 2021

KAEFER has achieved a project first for Hinkley Point C by applying specialist protective coatings to an electrical room on site.

The work, completed on behalf of client Bylor, allows the room to be released to the MEH Alliance to manage the electrical equipment installation.

The electrical room release is a key element in supporting Bylor to achieve the U1 dome lift milestone, following on from KAEFER's work on the containment liner.

The coatings system used in the facility included a three-component, solvent-free, self-levelling epoxy floor coating, and a one-component, waterborne acrylic primer/finisher, both specifically approved for nuclear industry. The products were used over approximately 900m2 and took a team of team of 12 KAEFER employees, supported by Bylor, working solidly for four weeks to make sure the crucial milestone was met.

"We're delighted to have completed the application and to formally be able to hand over the first critical building to the MEH Alliance. To get to this stage we have closely collaborated with our suppliers, and our client Bylor, to ensure that the nuclear specification, safety and quality requirements were delivered," 

Tim Walker, Divisional Director - KAEFER

"KAEFER is committed to supporting the net zero economy and our mission is to be the most reliable and efficient provider of technical industrial services, it's important that we deliver continuous improvement at Hinkley Point C to help secure the future for nuclear new build projects" said Trevor Woodward, Business & Strategy Director – KAEFER.


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