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Asbestos Solutions

Any job is easier with the right tools at hand.

A project that is exceptionally complex can be made simpler. As long as you have the right tools and experience, that is. KAEFER asbestos removal services and solutions employ cutting-edge technology and methods to simplify the often challenging task of ridding older buildings, vessels, tanks and containers of harmful materials. From bespoke negative pressure units and specially designed scaffolding to dustless blasting techniques, KAEFER has the right tools for the job, regardless of how technically difficult.

KAEFER is one of the few companies that offer asbestos removal services to both industrial and public sector clients. We also specialise in complex projects where facilities need to continue to run during the process.

At the University of Manchester in 2015, for example, we undertook a full survey and removal programme within a live working environment. This ensured minimal disruption and maximum client satisfaction. And thanks to our use of specially designed, proprietary technology in this project as well as in many others, it should come as no surprise that KAEFER was awarded the ACAD innovation award in 2015. ACAD (Asbestos Control and Abatement Division) is a UK-based trade association that supports and represents companies working in the asbestos industry.

Gem Trainor

Head of Marketing & Communications

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KAEFER Asbestos removal project - building from the outside
Asbestos removal project
Asbestos operators during work
Asbestos operators during work
Decontamination unit
Decontamination unit